Monday, August 11, 2014


You were always in my dreams
Dont ask me how or why
I can say that was once
When my mind and pure spirit
were as a receiver
of an unknown but intuited reality
when spoke to God
listening to Klaus Schulze´s music,
and the universe came to me ...
My illusions, bright pink roses,
were crushed in my heart, at once,
by bitter disappointments and misunderstandings, wanted to die ...
Exhausted fell into a deep sleep ...
Then I saw You ... couldn´t resist your beautiful eyes,
your expressive face, and your sweet caucasian features ...
felt your strong body hugging
while succumbing to your hot look, your sexy smile, magnetic ...
I woke up but never forgot You,
and looked in the barren path of my life,
spent a year ... was crying when didn´t found You,
and felt so empty, so out of place,
unable to find myself ...
For you remained virgin
never wanted to be with anyone, not allowed to touch me ...
Just thinking of you, if you could be,
if you ever find me ...
14 years passed ... met guys on the web
thought will find you ... but they was not you.
I was hurt and made me feel more alone ...
Until one day met You
and was the most beautiful thing I feel.
You dont know how much emotion felt
knowing it was you, the doors of heaven opened up before me ...
But Im so hurt
I'm like an oyster that is closed to the world.
Lots of cynicism and derision are hard knocks against my face
and I´ve been defaced.
I ´ve become so stupid,
I ´ve denied life, sabotage me ...
As I walk away as beaten dog
Feeling that everyone hates me ...
I am dying, and yet
You're still in my night dreams and fantasies,
only your love and understanding
can save me ...
Sublime is my dream, my shining star
You're in my subconscious
Beyond the walls of my prejudices, my confusion,
(Against I crash and try to break).
For you deny so many things, become a rebel,
I'm a different person ...
And You burns my heart like a scorching ember.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Tell me why the time seems to expander like a multicolor beam.
It deepens a perspective that is going to lose itself in the horizon, between geometric figures floating...

The atmosphere is so light... a slight impulse comes from some place, where a feeling of welcoming greatness prevails.
Still I long for those times in which the astonishment was the ingenuous vehicle, that transported the man, and it made return the glance, nostalgic towards the Earth.
Also now, I do not get tired to observe that hypnotic, fluorescent light,
that rises from the west.

It is perhaps, the future so longed for and so feared...
Or the omen of waking up,
the conscience of a new century to come.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 Dear poet and artist of perfect forms:
 your glance shakes tunnels of fire in my soul,
 burning me
 but you know that your smile redeems me,
 that your words and your voice
 are ropes and bridges of which I hold me strongly.

 And every day when the light wets you
 I contemplate a beautiful Pleiades son
 total like an eclipse
 your tenuous hair like flame almost float in the air...

 See your eyes closed
 and your lips that light sculpts,
 descending by your vigorous chin 

like the sun on surface of a planet...

 Watch to the sky, that cloudburst,
 as if you waited for something, once in a while.
 Your strong and white hands that grasp a telescope,
 take books, put them on the table;
 they are nomadic doves
 in that house of great terraces
 where your yearnings travels
 in a bubble that cleaves the space
 portraying each corner.
 It is like the eye of your conscience
 where I would like to be reflected in perpetual freedom...

 Now I see you burning in thoughts
 in to the uncontrollable splendor of the enclosure,
 displacing you
 from a side to other side, like solitary quasar.
 You walk with that body
 So worthy like a monolith or a cathedral...
 fascinated I see you
 with that suffering that more than deformer,
 it has sculpted  you,
 sheltered of solitude,
 covered by the penumbra;
 there are in your soul frightful scars
 that attract more me towards you.

And whenever the time extends to its tunnel
moving away the perspective of the things...
You emerge to the light
Because I cling to the invisible loops
of your words and your voice,

I caress the red transparency of the diamond
of your most intimate  feelings...
But even when
you will take me in your arms
to cover your lips with sweetness,
and in a single impulse to make you forget
 the flavor of bitter things?.

I would like to upholster your heart of roses,
to be a window opened to your solitude
and little by little to feel in your warm hands,
manifold ways
that lead to the interminable mystery...

Where a strange happiness waits
like a buttress
ignited in the middle of the desert...

When barely the early morning
unfolds its burning wings of clouds
between stars  about leaving. .

                                                  October of 1998 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


why I fell for you in dreams
why our eyes met
giving me so many hopes and dreams
shaking my heart
if this world so cruel, that believes in nothing,full of prejudices,
your insecurity or perhaps circumstances separated us.
my dreams of being with you
shipwrecked in my bitter loneliness ...
yet every night you're there
looking at me, making me love
is beyond me
I can not be attracted to another man
or moves me like you do
I just want to feel your body hugging
both burning in the fire of eternal love.
The end of time came
I wish you were here with me
and to end resentment and confusion I feel now.
This world was never my home, always was oppression and hatred
Set me free, set me free in your arms
releases that little girl inside me screaming
crying live, she wants out of the closet ..
Please keep me mercy, frees my dreams
so they can accompany yours,
and we can go to the house beyond the rainbow
and no one can judge
and we can laugh
and hold hands without fear
take me, take me home baby.

Friday, December 14, 2012


 broken lines in the surface of a died planet,
 lead me towards you.
 How much need to arrive?
 When I pronounce your name
 an ancient parfum it sprouts of my lips.

 And in the horizon
 I believe to see your walls, your brilliance...
 But your image like crystal mirage vanishes,
 and our hands begin to crumble...


 to million light years
 through the luminous highways of universe,
 my dusty dream of millennia travels.

 Finally without fear
 I ´m ready to do the trip.
 Beyond stars...
 I want to be an astronaut
 exploring the extra sensorial space.

 To go to a point of no return,
 and to remain into the vortex
 of the transformation of universe…
 And not blanch.